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A highly experienced composer with a love for all styles of music. With a love for music experimentation, Ian has a wide variety of genres in film scoring under his belt, from psychological thriller, drama, to action. Ian's aim is to continue pushing himself towards new realms of music possibilities, crafting music that's powerful, emotional, and reflects uniquely his own sound.

It's been a strange and wonderful journey into the world of music composing, working with a variety of interesting people on fantastic films.

Ian has been composing music since 2011, starting in short films and animation, eventually scoring an animation piece for the Royal Shakespeare Company. Highlights of his career continued in 2014 with scoring the feature length film, American Bred, starring Academy Award nominee Michael Lerner.


In 2019 and 2020 scores included the 90 minute documentary, My Darling Vivian, about Johnny Cash's first wife, Vivian Liberto, directed by Matt Riddlehoover and produced by Dustin Tittle (Johnny & Vivian's grandson). This was his second film with the director/producer duo, the first being a psychological thriller feature film, Strategy And Pursuit.

Prior to working on the documentary he had the good pleasure of working with Tom Six, of Human Centipede fame, on his new psychological thriller feature, The Onania Club.

Having grown up around, and working in, the auspicious music city of Liverpool, Ian continues to bring the vigour & hard work the wonderful city inspires in him to the rest of the world.

He continues to venture out, discovering new and interesting projects which excite him, have something to say, or are simply fun to watch, finding projects that allow him to share that passion for music & film with a wider viewing (and listening) audience.

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